Never Wanna Let You Go (Demo)

by Jimmy Dority

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A rough demo version of the first track on Pop Go Boom.


You've been runnin' around in circles
All night & day
Inside my brain
It's drivin' me insane and I can't get enough

And now that I've found a way to
Get next to you
I know I've got what's best for you
And I know that nothin' less will do
For your love

And baby I'm here to stay
And let the chips fall where they may
And there's nothin' you could ever say
That'd make me turn away

I'm through with tearin' myself apart
And jugglin' a broken heart
Let's make a brand new start

'Cause baby I love you so
Through every high and every low
And I wanna let you know

That I never wanna let you go

Well we're goin' out tonight 'cause I've got
A thing or two to say
And baby I can't wait
For another day
To be with you

You set my soul on fire and heart's goin' off
Like an atom bomb
And I know it won't be long
Until you see we both belong
Together too

So give your lovin' daddy a sign
Let's get to the bottom line
Come on and let me know that you're mine
And quit wastin' time

Oh, honey it's gettin' late
And there ain't no time to hesitate
Or leave it up to fate

So let your pretty nightgown drop
And even when they call the cops
We'll never stop

'Cause I never wanna let you go

And I just wanna let you know
That I never wanna let you go


released July 1, 2011


tags: pop Portland


all rights reserved


Jimmy Dority Portland, Maine

Jimmy Dority works in the nebulous area between art and pop to make music that enriches, enlivens, enfrees, and engages.

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