Songs Of The Week

by Jimmy Dority

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In 2007 I set myself the challenge of writing and recording one song every week. Here they are, as complete as there was time to make them.


released December 31, 2007


tags: pop Portland


all rights reserved


Jimmy Dority Portland, Maine

Jimmy Dority works in the nebulous area between art and pop to make music that enriches, enlivens, enfrees, and engages.

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Track Name: Start Another Day
It's time to say goodbye
To a thing that you hold near and dear
It's time to close an eye
And force out another tear

Throw it all away
Start another day
Come on pretty babe
Start another day
Track Name: Some Sweet Summer Day
Chase the rain away and send it back to distant seas
From whence it came in clouds of gray upon a lonely autumn breeze
And stole away my bonnie babe

Oh here I lay in such a pain
Perhaps we may, some blessed May
Or some sweet summer day
Find a way to chase the rain away for good

Bring her home again and send her back from distant shores
Whereon she plays her cares away and doesn't need me anymore

Oh there she stays my bonnie babe
And here I lay in such a pain
Perhaps I may, some blessed May
Or some sweet summer day
Find a way to bring her home again for good
Track Name: Ship To The Moon
There's never time enough
No there's never time enough
But I've got a dream of flyin' high in the air
And you've got a hundred million dollars to spare
You don't want to go but you ought to know I don't care
And as for time I couldn't give a rat's derriere

We'll take a ship to the moon
Of aluminum und balloons
I'll be captain you be crew
We're gonna go soon

I know you have a life
And I know you have a wife
But there's more important things than living in love
(Though nothing I can immediately think of)
And I've got a dream of flying' high up above
And as for lifelong lovin' I've got more than enough

For you and me on the moon
With frozen meat and plastic spoons
We'll make believe we're not marooned
And we're goin' home soon

We'll take a ship to the moon
And we're gonna go soon
Track Name: A Phoenix
We are bards, we are writers
And we get up and sing
We are lovers, we are fighters
And we get in the ring

And one by one we go down for the count
And two by two we tag in and tag out
And all along we are heavy with doubt
That this round will ever end

And we wonder, what could be next?
What could grow from our rain?
What could rise up like a phoenix
From the ashes of our pain?

And what a fire could begin in the spark,
That in your soul could be light in the dark
And show us all just how naked we are within all these walls of skin
Track Name: Let Me In Again
I'm drunk all day on the draft of desire
The hangovers come hard but the highs don't get higher
One spark, two sparks, and what a hell of a fire
When I called you lover and you called me liar

O Kate, o Kate, just such a perfect mistake
Could make me and break me just to see who we are
How warm, how warm, when you slept in my arms
But lonely and cold when I find you awake

Let me in again
Your foolish and faint-hearted friend

You'll try, you'll try to see the front from behind
But baby you can't see what's wrong in what's right
And if an eye for an eye would leave the whole world blind
Then maybe we just weren't cut out for sight

Let me in again
Your hopelessly heartbroken man

Let me in again
Track Name: Suzie Floozy
Suzie Floozy works all day and hides away her weekly pay
Comes home at night with naught to say and rises in the mornin'
I slave away me day at home while she is wont to rove and roam
God only knows just where it's gone, the money she is earnin'

O golly what a fine and pretty girly-o
O golly with her hair all fine and curly-o
Hi diddle-dee-umbadee-ay, a-diddle-dee-umbadee-ay

Suzie Floozy knows the art of makin' sure we never part
For Suzie knows me Irish heart would do anything for the whore, just
For the gleam in her eye and the bounce of her curls a man would give all o' the gold in the world
The only thing worse than a gorgeous girl is a girl who knows she's gorgeous

Ay, you'd like to lay your hands on such a handsome one
Ay, y'must survey your pocket's full before you cum
Hi diddle-dee-umbadee-ay, a-diddle-dee-umbadee-ay
Hi diddle-dee-umbadee-ay, a-diddle-dee-umbadee-ay
Track Name: Saving Grace
You say real love is the last item at the auction
And for many real love isn't even an option
They bid their money away
On the first thing at bay like I do

A penny for my thoughts and I put in my two cents
When all my money is lost I'll recall what you said
And you won't owe me a thing
And my world will belong to you

I'll watch you laugh
I'll watch you dance in circles on my grave
And in due time
I'll spend my last dime with no grace left to save me

You can rule the world in a game of poker
You can be the king, you can be the joker
And you steal anything
That you want if you've got the money

But the robins will run wherever you may find them
And you can try all you want but you will never own them
And there's no need to be sad
Though it certainly isn't funny

You'll watch me laugh
You'll watch me dance in circles on your grave
And in due time
You'll spend your last dime with no grace left to save you

We'll watch you laugh
We'll watch you dance in circles on our grave
And in due time
We'll spend our last dime with no grace left to save us

Save us
Track Name: The Badgers and the Elephants
The Badgers and the Elephants
Had fought since Long Ago
For land, and pride, and history
On sea, and sand, and snow
They fought because their parents fought
(Their parents did the same)
And so on back through centuries
They’d fought in heaven’s Name
The problem with this story was
(Which neither would admit)
That though they fought for the great Name
No one remembered it
‘Twas written in the Ancient Tongue
Not spoke since Long Ago
And since they studied only war
No one was left to know
Track Name: A Chicken Named Pete
I caught you in the bedroom sayin' a prayer
Then I went to bed
I heard you tell the Lord he lettin' you down
Then you went to bed for a while

The rats tried to find a way to get out of their cage
But they were too small
And they never found a way to get out of their cage
But they can be friends for a while

And I fed a little grain to a chicken named Pete
He pecked at my hand
I'm gonna spend a day with chicken named Pete
And we can be friends for a while

Time moves like a little boy stuck in a well
He'll never get out
Bones dry like grass in the afternoon sun
And turn into sand
And shoes stain with the blood of a chicken named Pete
But we could be friends for a while
Track Name: Angraelican Cowboy
And if I ever catch you comin' 'round this town
For a round of shoot-'em-up I'll have to shoot y'down
And you'll cry freedom, you'll cry mercy, you'll cry hate
And where you see open land I'll see an empty grave
And you can cry to anyone who might agree
And when I've killed them all then you can cry to me

Almighty Lord, please grant me the grace to do my will
And through your mercy give me the confidence to kill
And if my ways are wrong shut me out and let me go

If it were up to me it wouldn't be this way
And the ones you know and the ones you love would be okay
But my foot will find a way to force what doesn't fit
And must be wary of the ant that's under it
And I hope to God that no one ever lives to see
All that I've done to you and all you've done to me
And if I ever catch you comin' round this town
I hope to God you live to see your sun go down

And though the garden is small there is room for each and all
And like a weed I will rise in the glory of the fall
And as the seasons pass I hope to God that I'm outgrown
Track Name: This
Like every jester before me
I sang you songs and danced you dances
Hoping the brightness of my tune
Would outshine your plastic prince's armor

I could've told you that your eyes
Are oceans wherein I would drown
I could've told you that your freedom binds me

It's such a shame you never knew
But I'll be good enough for you in another life
And wait a lonely evenin' through 'til mornin' light
And this is what it's all about

This is an opening window
This is a bug on a flower
This is the rye in the meadow
This is the road on the tire

And this is you and this is me
And what a lovely way to be
When everything that we could need is here right now

It's raining and the sun is out
And you and I are rollin' down this lonely road
And not another soul is out and we're all alone
This is what it's all about

With all our troubles in the past
You and I are rollin' back to where they be
Where everything we know is cracked and crumbling
And everyone we love will fracture, bawl, and bleed
And everybody is the last of a dying breed
Every body is the last of a dying breed
And this
Track Name: Dina's Song (Part One)
Dina I'm really doin' fine
It's just now that winter's here
It can get so cold
But y'can't let the weather get you down
'Cause you can do anything you want
And a hero is really just a clown
Who left his mask at home
O yeah
And if you can wait another day
Somewhere I saw an old abandoned church
And you can see everything from there
Someday when the shit fin'lly hits the fan
We'll take a walk up there